Behind the Scenes: VisitErie

"Working with Greg made our video process a pleasant, stress-free experience.... thank you for keeping us on task and producing a video that we are all proud of!"

As the officially designated Tourism Promotion Agency (TPA) for Erie County, VisitErie is the leader of marketing and economic development for tourism. We represent a variety of tourism related businesses working together towards increasing Erie’s tourism economy for the betterment of our community.

We wanted to be able to produce a video that would talk about how much Erie has transformed itself over the past 10 years along with adding a personal touch to it by featuring VisitErie president/CEO John Oliver. John’s story of coming to Erie from Niagara Falls NY and how he grew to love the area and make it his home appeals to a variety of people: those looking to relocate to the area, conduct business here, bring the family for vacations, etc.

By creating this video, we also have the potential to draw visitors that are a one-tank drive away (i.e. Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Southern Ontario, etc) therefore increasing visitor spending and growing the overall economic impact to Erie’s tourism economy. We wanted to visually show potential visitors that there is enough to see and do in our area to convince them to stay overnight and spend more money, making Erie their multi-day vacation and/or convention destination. Our video will be distributed through: Online social media channels (Facebook and YouTube),, trade shows (group travel, travel writers, motorcoach and conventions), direct mail, one-on-one presentations to travel and convention businesses (i.e. personal appointments with AAA & CAA offices, meeting planners and tour operators). The video will be presented to internal audiences (local community) such as Erie-based meeting planners and tour companies, Rotary and Kiwanis clubs or other groups who could have their state or national group event/conference/convention hosted in Erie along with to local residents in general to encourage/attract their visiting friends/relatives (i.e. run the video on a continuous loop at attractions such as the Tom Ridge Environmental Center or Presque Isle Downs).

Increasing Erie’s tourism economy benefits everyone not just those specific to the tourism industry. Promoting Erie as a vacation and convention destination gives residents a reason to take pride in their hometown in addition to increasing the area’s economy, ensuring its future growth and prosperity.

Working with Greg Schlueter made our video process a pleasant, stress-free experience. Through Greg’s expertise and patience, VisitErie was able to develop an effective piece that achieved our goals. Thank you Greg for your tireless efforts, keeping us on task and producing a video that we are all proud of!

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