Behind the Scenes: Gannon CIS Department

"5 Stars! This video was fantastic, and of significantly higher quality than we could have produced internally. Our communications experts rated this as one of the very best videos on Gannon, particularly on as a student-centered, department level expression of who we are and what we do."

As a department within a larger non-profit unit (Gannon University), we wanted a video to share what so many of our students experience at Gannon - a great place to learn and grow. We selected students who were in the process of graduating, all of whom were in the process of building technology with the potential of helping and encouraging people. The interviews with faculty and students were all unscripted, so their real feelings about what they learned, and how Gannon CIS had helped them would be completely honest. It is very cool that every one of the students interviewed became part of the final story.

We regularly share this video with high-school students who visit, to give them an overview of what they could acheive here; The interesting thing is that when our current students watch it, they uniformly agree that it is very representative of who we are, and what we do.

Our mission is to help all of our students become employable, accountable professionals who are competent problem solvers with the willingness and ability to be selfless contributors to their work, community and the world.

We are grateful to Bob Wooler / The Nonprofit Partnership for their "Story Project: Video Edition" grant which helped make this possible.
Stephen T. Frezza, Ph.D., C.S.D.P., Associate Professor of Software Engineering;, 814-871-7563